3F Industries Ltd. Established.


Business expansion from Rice Bran oil extraction to manufacturing of edible oils and its by-products, bakery shortenings and margarine, specialty fats, oil palm cultivation/processing, power, garments, commodity trading etc.


Oil Palm division established with operation in Andhra Pradesh

2010 - 2011

3F Oil Palm Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.
incorporated. 3FOP expands operations to three other states - Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Karnataka.

3F Oil Palm acquires Simhapuri
Agro Products Pvt Ltd., an Oil Palm Company based in Nellore, AP. Ventures into the global market with entry into Suriname, South America.


3F Oil Palm allotted Lower Debang Valley district with a potential of 20,000 hectares by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh


Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Gabon in March, 2016 Started 3F Advanced Systems Pvt Ltd., a Company Focussing on Defence equipments.