title_history3F Oil Palm Agrotech Pvt. Ltd., (3F OPAPL) is a venture of the Andhra Pradesh based 3F Group. The erstwhile Oil Palm Division of the Group was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Foods Fats & Fertilizers Ltd., (presently, 3F Industries Ltd.) the flagship company of the Group, in July 2010.
history_1992The parent company was established in 1962. Having started modestly with extraction of oil from rice bran, it has expanded its footprints in diverse sectors like Oil Palm cultivation, manufacture of edible oils and their by-products, bakery shortenings and margarine, specialty fats, commodity trading, garments, power etc.
history_usd_300history_employs_5000Under the guidance of Founder & Chairman Mr. Balakrishna Goenka, the 3F Group has grown to an annual turnover of $500 million & employs 5000 people globally.
indOil Palm Division of Foods Fats & Fertilizers Ltd. (FFFL) was established in 1993. FFFL was among the first few companies identified by the Government of Andhra Pradesh for implementing the Oil Palm Development Project. Later it expanded its operations to seven other states viz., Karnataka, Mizoram, Orissa,Arunchal Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh. 3F OPAPL has established Oil Palm processing facilities in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and arrangements are in the pipeline to set up a crude Palm Oil mill in Mizoram also.
With a history_handview to grow inorganically, 3F OPAPL acquired Simhapuri Agro Products Pvt. Ltd., an Oil Palm company based in Nellore, in April 2012, thereby adding one more district to its kitty in Andhra Pradesh, with a potential of 30,000 hectares. A Palm Oil Mill under construction to be commisioned by May 2014.
history_treeAs per an MoU signed in 2012, 3FOP plans to set up its own land bank of 40,000 hectares for developing captive Oil Palm plantations in Suriname, South America.
diang 3F Oil Palm allotted Lower Debang Valley district with a potential of 20,000 hectares by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh in 2014
goban 3FOP plans to invest $200Mn in Gabon, for an integrated oil palm project, as per an MoU signed in March, 2016. The government of Gabon is in the process of allotting 40,000 Ha of suitable land for oil palm development along with several favourable monetary and fiscal policies for the success of the project. The project will consist of an oil palm nursery, development of oil palm plantations, crude palm and oil kernel oil mills, palm oil refinery,and palm-waste based power plant.